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Thanks Mom!
May 13th is Mother's day.
Let's celebrate that day with "Mother's Day cupcakes"
There are 3 vanilla cupccakes and 3 choco cupcakes.
It is said that the bee and ladybug carry happiness.
6 Honey lemon frosting cupcakes.
This box is best for gift.(includes the option to add personalized Name or Short message)
Remove honey by hope and make it.
Happy new year.

We, Bellas-staff, will continue to offer delicious British style cupcakes this year, so please take care of them as well.
The fall of Bellas begins.
Since we are also preparing fun events such as sales of new products that were in the season, and the cheap campaigns, please use by all means.
As for the Lyer cake, we have received a little more time than usual due to delivery date as it has received many orders. Please consult us before ordering.