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Happy new year.

We, Bellas-staff, will continue to offer delicious British style cupcakes this year, so please take care of them as well.
The fall of Bellas begins.
Since we are also preparing fun events such as sales of new products that were in the season, and the cheap campaigns, please use by all means.
As for the Lyer cake, we have received a little more time than usual due to delivery date as it has received many orders. Please consult us before ordering.
We have been selling cupcakes every Friday and Saturday at the National Azabu Supermarket with Bellas Cupcake Truck (mobile sales car), but we will suspend the business temporarily on 8th April.
Along with this, the pick up place of the order item will be Bellas Bakery of Takanawa only. We appreciate your continued patronage of our products.
Currently we have many orders from a large number of customers at the end of March where many events are held.
Our cupcakes are handmade and carefully made by hand based on traditional English recipes. Therefore, the quantity that we can offer to customers at the same time is limited. As a result, we will stop accepting new orders from 23th March (Thu) until 31th March (Fri).
We will resume from 1st April(Sat).
The season of cherry blossoms has come closer this year. Sakura cupcakes that is perfect for everyone to enjoy with cherry-blossom viewing and spring events, now available.
Sakura cupcakes 2017 ; Vanilla cupcake with Sakura buttercream & Petal sugar craft.
This year, we also prepared Sakura mini cupcakes.
Regular size 6 pieces, 2,400 yen.
Mini size 12 pieces, 2,400 yen.
This year's Valentine's Day Box is with love heart cookies!
Red velvet cupcake with vanilla frosting, chocolate sauce and love heart cookie or sweet love heart sprinkles. Share with your loved one.
We moved to a new website (this site). For future orders, thank you at the new site
The new site has Japanese version and English version.
As a result, the order or inquiry mail address will also change. Please correct your bookmarks and e-mail address book.

【Japanese website】

【English website】
Happy new year.
Thank you very much for your kindness in the old year.
We will continue to patronize you this year, thank you.