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How to Shop

1. Select Product Items

When ordering online please choose the cupcakes, cakes or cookies you wish to purchase, click "Add to Cart" to put the item into your shopping cart.

2. Check Out

When finishing your selection, click “Checkout” to view the items in your shopping cart.

3. Payment

Then please enter your information and shipping address, and select a payment option following the instructions.For this we will need you to register your details this only used to help us make sure that our cupcakes get to you. We do not use your information for any other purposes or pass these on to third parties.

4. Order Confirmation

Once your order is completed and processed, you will receive confirmation email shortly.

5. Delivery

You can choose to pick it up at the shop or be delivered on the date you wish.

【Notes】About delivery date

Please note we’ll contact you by telephone or email if your requested Delivery Date is not available.

About our products

How to enjoy

・Cupcakes are always best eaten on the day.
・If you wish to store them for longer than 12 hours we suggest refrigerating them. They should be taken out of the fridge two hours before serving for best flavor.
・If you wish to store them for longer than 24 hours we suggest freezing them.

Defrosing Cupcakes

When defrosting cupcakes please remove out of the plastic packaging and defrost at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours (or until the cake is defrosted and buttercream soften). Please do not re-freeze already defrosted cupcakes. Please not defrost using oven nor microwave.

Expiry Date

For fresh and defrosted cupcakes please consume within 2 days
For frozen cupcakes please freeze and consume within 7 days and follow defrosting instructions.


【Ingredients】Flour, eggs, sugar, Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, milk, Corn Flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, sunflower oil, butter, margarine, icing sugar.
【Other ingredients】 Carrots, walnuts, lemon, coffee, chocolate chip, chocolate spray, desiccated coconut, coconut milk, raspberry confiture, strawberry confiture, strawberries, match powder, fondant, argent, marshmallows, colored sprinkles and decorations.
Please note our Food is prepared in Kitchens which use Nuts, Wheat and Diary Products.

Purchase quantities and price

Purchase quantities

Minimum 6 cupcakes for pick up
Minimum 12 and up to 60 cupcakes for frozen delivery. Please contact us if you purchase more than 60 cupcakes via the online form or telephone.(We accept 6 and more cupcakes until end of June.)
You can purchase from one cupcake from our bakery in Takanawa.

Purchase price

Minimum 2,100 yen up to 100,000 yen (please contact us if you purchase more).


Frozen Delivery

・Freezing fresh cakes immediately, and deliver by Yamato Transport cool TA-Q-BIN on the delivery designated date.
・Frozen Delivery is available for regular size cupcakes only and not available for Mini cupcakes and Layer whole cakes.

Pickups from our Bakery in Takanawa

Pickups of the fresh cakes in the morning from our bakery can be scheduled from 10am onwards until 3:00pm in Tuesday to Sunday (we close on Monday).

Fresh Delivery

Fresh delivery from our bakery is possible however only within 3km radius between Thursdays and Sundays - we do have limited slots so please contact us for enquiries. We may decline without such enquiries.

About products other than cupcakes

Please note Delivery of Mini cupcakes and Layer whole cakes are not available, they are pickups only.

【Notes】 About ordering different items of delivery method

You can not order multiple items with different delivery methods at once. Please order separately for each delivery method.

Ordering Information; Ordering Date and Delivery Date

Frozen Delivery

Frozen Delivery - We usually require a minimum of 5 working day notice to prepare regular menu item order. You can choose the delivery time zone.

Pickups from our bakery in Takanawa

Pickups from our bakery Takanawa. We usually require a minimum 5 working day notice to prepare regular menu item order. You can pick them up any available time on the specified delivery date during the above-mentioned time (See Pickups above).
Layer whole cakes We require a minimum of 10 working day notice.
Customized request – Please call our bakery 03-6447-7279 preliminary
Wedding orders - We require at least 4 week notice to avoid disappointment.
For last minute reservations or pickups from our bakery contact us online or call our bakery 03-6721-9747 between tue-fri 10am-3pm sat-sun 10am-5pm in the morning Tuesday to Sunday.

Issuing coupons(In case of regular size cupcakes order)

In the case of frozen delivery, Bellas makes and uses its own strong packing materials to prevent the cupcakes from breaking during delivery.

If you come to a bakery and pick up, you don't need packing materials, so we issue coupons that you can use on your next order or when you buy cupcakes at the bakery depending on the number of cupcakes you ordered. The types of coupons are as follows:

From 12pieces to 23pieces 200 JPY coupon

From 24pieces to 47pieces 400 JPY coupon

48pieces or more 600 JPY coupon

We will issue a coupon when you come to the bakery and pick up. (Valid period Half a year from issue date)

Please enter a coupon code if you would like to use it for your next order.

When you use it for shopping at the bakery, please submit a coupon. (Please be aware that we don't give change.)

About products other than cupcakes

Please note you cannot choose the preferred delivery date and time in our ordering form, so please write the preferred delivery date and time in the Remarks of or telephone us accordingly.

Request for delivery date / personal delivery day

Please note we’ll advise you by email or telephone if you are not be able to pick up or receive the ordered products on the specified date and time due to unavoidable circumstances.

Shipping Methods and Fees

  • Select an area.


Item prices do not include tax. Taxes will be added on checkout.

Tax rates by country are listed below.
Country Tax
Japan consumption tax: 10%   (Reduced tax rate: 8%)

Purchase Limit

Purchase quantities and price

Minimum 6 cupcakes for pick up Minimum 12 and up to 60 cupcakes for frozen delivery. Please contact us if you purchase more than 60 cupcakes via the online form or telephone.(We accept 6 and more cupcakes until end of June.) You can purchase from one cupcake from our bakery in Takanawa.

Purchase price

Minimum 2,100 yen up to 100,000 yen (please contact us if you purchase more).


Bank Transfer

Bank: Japan Net Bank (0033)

Branch: buisiness (ビジネスエイギョウブ) (005)

Account Type: Ordinary Savings Account

Account #: 2570380

Name: ベラズカップケーキ(カ (BELLAS CUPCAKES CO., LTD.)

You can pay via Bank Transfer.The Account Detail is as above.
The price is payable in advance.


COD handling fee will be calculated based on total purchase value, including merchandise value, shipping fee, and COD handling fee.
Total Payment Amount Handling Fee
less than 10,000JPY 300JPY
less than 30,000JPY 400JPY
less than 55,000JPY 800JPY
less than 100,000JPY 800JPY
100,000JPY or above 1,200JPY
・COD : Cash on Delivery


PayPal is a highly reliable payment service used by more than 150 million people worldwide. You can pay by credit card with e-mail address and password without telling credit card information to the shop. In order to use it, it is necessary to register in Paypal in advance.

Payment at the bakery

Payment will be made for payment in exchange for goods at Bellas bakery.

How to get and use coupon

• We issue coupons at various occasions, such as campaigns and events. Coupon issuing is announced on this home page and/or mail magazines.
• You can use your coupon.Please input your coupon code in the box shown on the confirmation page of your order. 10 % to 20% discount will be applied to the purchase price, depending on your coupon type.
• Please note there are various types of coupons as follows;
      - Online-only coupon
      - both available for online shop and the store.
      - One time coupon
      - Effective more than once coupon
      - Effective for the certain period
• Please note more than one coupon cannot use for one order.
• Coupon cannot be used for the order of which purchase price more than 100,000 yen
• Coupon and points can be used for one order.

How to get and use points

• We give you points as follows;
      - when member information is registered ・・・200 points
      - per purchase ・・・5 points per 100 yen
• You can use points every 100 points. The purchase price is to be deducted by the converted yen
(1 point = 1 yen) from your points.
• Please note the points will be given on the deducted purchase price after using points.
• Points can be used for online shop only.
• Points are effective for one year from the date which were given.
• There is no compatibility with the points of the Japanese website and mutual use is impossible.


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