Takeaway on the day | Bellas Bakery Takanawa

Takeaway on the day | Bellas Bakery Takanawa

Price: 367JPY(tax included)

Pcs/1set: 1pcs

This product is subject to a reduced tax rate.


Item description

At Takanawa Bakery, there are more than 12 kinds of standard flavors, seasonal limited cupcakes, and same-day limited cupcakes. The price varies depending on the flavor. We'll have everything ready for you around 12 o'clock.

[The quantity will change depending on the day]
Red velvet, carrots, vanilla, pink vanilla, double choco, cookies and cream, pink choc, mint choco, lemon, choco vanilla, vanilla choco, coconut raspberry (seasonal cupcakes of the day and special cupcakes)
[We might be able to prepare frozen cupcakes for the above 12 kinds.]

*Bags (small, medium and large cake bags) are not free.
*There are for 1, for 2, for 6, for 9, for 12, and for 20. For the size of the box, please refer to the size of your own bag or cooling bag.
*You can buy a gift box of 6 pieces.
*There will be an additional charge if you have more than 5 or if you divide them into many portions. Please note that we may not be able to respond immediately when it is crowded.
*The cream breaks easily, so please be careful when you take it home.
*We also have frozen cupcakes. Please consult us if you are traveling for a long time.


​Payment Method Cash, credit card, prepaid transportation cards, QR payment