Candle rainbowmothers (Rainbow Moment) 6 pcs in 6 colors

Candle rainbowmothers (Rainbow Moment) 6 pcs in 6 colors

Price: 660JPY(tax included)


Item description

How about a candle with a cupcake to make your birthday or anniversary look gorgeous?
For Events: Birthdays/Anniversaries/Celebrations/Gifts
Photo courtesy of Kameyama Candle House (The picture is not a whole cake of our shop.)


SIze Box size:W75×L16×H147mm
Notice Aluminum foil used for candles, synthetic resin picks, and silver rolls is one that meets the standards for food additives. Candles are made mainly from high quality paraffin wax refined from crude oil and meet the standards for additives. Although it does not affect your body if you accidentally take it in your mouth, please be careful not to eat it as it is not food. * If the cupcake is delivered by frozen delivery, open the cardboard box immediately and store at room temperature. If the package is wet, wipe off immediately.
Material Paraffin
Burning time Combustion time of about 8 minutes is the average value under no wind and around 20 ~ 28 degrees of temperature. Depending on the usage conditions such as humidity, temperature, and wind, it may vary more.

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